My name is Jacky Sapphire and I am the main author at Cat Voices.  We have a multi-cat household.  I have been a part of this home since 2008.  Right now there is Joe Boo Boo who has been here since 2006.  Scamper joined about a year after that.  Rusty came to live here in 2011 and Oscar about a year later.  Little Bug joined us in 2017.

Each of us were living in the wild or had been abandoned.  We found a home and with time we became a family.  Since being in this family we have had a few more feline friends, but they have passed on.

multi cat home catvoices.com

Our human caretaker we call Mom.  She takes care of us.  She makes sure we are fed and have medical care when we need it.  Most of all we have LOVE and lots of it.  And we return it.

Our reason for creating this blog is to share the stories of our cat family.  We want to share the unique stories of our furry friends, their struggles and triumphs.  Our goal is to help others with more than one or two cats to feel comfortable with making a home for homeless cats without feeling people think they are crazy.  We also want to help others with a multi-cat household find solutions to the problems that creates.

We invite you to share your problems and triumphs of adopting a homeless cat.  We want to hear about your difficulties if you have one cat or a dozen.  Also, we would like to hear from you about how we can help prevent some of the problems associated with stray cats and the large population.