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Greetings from our multi cat home to you and your furry felines.  We are currently a 5 cat home.  With that number we experience behavior problems between us cats sometimes.  We will explore how to keep our multi cat home clean.  There have been some health problems for some of my cat family and fortunately we have found solutions to those issues.  We will share all of this with you. We also have had some good adventures we have to tell someone!

Welcome to our home. Jacky Sapphire

Cat Problems

If you have one cat or our 5 you can have behavior problems or just too much cat hair.  This catagory will cover topics concerning harmony in your multi cat household, including agression or even the big problem of spraying!  We will include tips on adding a new cat to your home and dealing with tension between the cats or the cats and the humans.

Cat Health

One cat or several in your home you will encounter health issues.  In our home we have had to work through urinary problems of several kinds, food issues, ear mites, and senior

Cat Tales (Adventures)

I have had some adventures in the outside world and will share those with you.  Some of my feline friends have tales to tell you from being inside.  Of course that doesn’t mean they are true!  They may just have a great imagination!

Our Cat Family

As mentioned previously we are currently a 5 cat household.  We had 6 but he was mostly an outdoor cat and unfortunately he is no longer with us.  In these posts you can read about how we manage to get along with each other and with the humans we come in contact with.

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