Why Does My Cat Roll in the Dirt?

black cat in the dirt catvoices.comblack cat in the dirt catvoices.comThis looks like a good place to roll in the dirt

I’m an indoor cat, but one day the back door was open just a little and I decided I wanted to explore. So, I stepped out onto the cement step. There was grass and dirt! I smelled the ground. It reminded me of my youth. I started out in the wild. All I knew was outdoor smells. But for a long time I haven’t had to experience that. . . the cold, wet, predators, or loneliness. I’ve had warmth, safety and love.black cat in the dirt catvoices.comThis looks like a good place to roll in the dirt

5 Reasons a Cat Will Roll in the Dirt

1. I rolled in the dirt and when I finished I smelled different. Finally there weren’t those indoor smells I was so familiar with. There was a fresh, earthy smell. It brought back so many memories of my siblings and my Mom.black cat in the yard catvoices.comRolling in the dirt makes me feel good.

2. A roll in the dirt is a great way to get rid of fleas if you have them or any other parasites lurking in your coat.

3. I’m not into it anymore, but before I was spayed I would have been rolling in the dirt for any male that walked by. When I was in heat I was a wild one. I was a loose kitty. But, isn’t that what nature is all about?                                                                          cats outside catvoices.comBoo Boo can roll in the dirt whenever he wants to.

4. One more reason cats enjoy rolling in the dirt is to get a great back massage. The uneven ground, small rocks, clumps of dirt, grass all feel wonderful on the back. It gets the blood flowing again.black cat outside catvoices.comThe Smell of the Outdoors

  1. The dirt puts bacteria onto our coat so we have a chance to get it back into our system. When we are grooming we use up that bacteria. The loss of that bacteria can give us nervous habits, too. When it isn’t in our system we can have digestive problems.

How can indoor cats get the benefits of rolling in the dirt?

I understand that being an indoor cat is a safety issue. There are so many dangers out there for us. We like the safety, too. It is nice to have a good, warm, loving home with no concerns for where our next meal is coming from. One idea I like for getting the benefits of rolling in the dirt would be to have an outdoor screened in area maybe attached to the house so we could just go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, the smells and get a good roll on the ground. This outdoor cat sanctuary is on my wish list. I see it is available at Amazon. My friends and I could really enjoy this space for three seasons out of the year.

If I have diarrhea, like I do sometimes, or I’m passing gas (you’ve picked up on that), or like Rusty he is vomiting soon after he eats, or like Jacky Sapphire he seems constipated or is nearly hooked on hairball medicine you need to consider a solution.  You need to be adding a supplement to our diet to help us have a healthy digestive system. There are supplements that have probiotics and enzymes that will help us with these problems.  The probiotic will give us good bacteria in our intestines to make it all work better. I see that you can buy a good probiotic MADE IN THE USA if you shop here.black cat on grass Catvoices.comThere is a lot to see outside.

Hey, Mom,

I enjoyed my time outside, actually I was out a couple of times. I like my inside space and feel very safe and secure, but it was a great adventure.

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