Cats Can Get Lonely Too!

white flame point Siamese cat feeling lonely
I’m just waiting for Dad to come home.

I sure am lonely!  I miss Dad!  He said he would be back in a few days, but it seems like it’s been more than a few days. took me there one day.  I’ve looked around the neighborhood every time I am outside. I just want to lay here and sleep.

cat sleeping feeling lonely
“Dad’s not here so all I want to do is sleep!”

“I haven’t had an up hug for days.  I just want to sleep.”  added Rusty.  “I get so lonesome when Dad isn’t here.”




cats sleeping feeling lonely
Sapphire and Rusty feeling lonely for Dad

“It sure is lonely around here when Dad is gone.  Mom is always the one to feed us.  She hugs us, too.  But, there is just something special about how Dad treats us.  You know, they say that cats don’t have the close ties with men like they do with women.  I’m not sure I believe that.  I know that in our home we are really close to our Dad.  I also know of some other cats who have close ties to the man in their lives.  This research may not be complete.”

Joe Boo Boo is heard to complain.  “I like to come inside at night to sleep, but I am used to getting up and OUT at 4 AM!  Mom sleeps like a rock.  I can’t wake her up to put me out.  Dad is a soft touch, he always wakes up when I make little noises so he gets up and lets me out.  I need to get outside early to keep an eye on things around the place.”

“Dad likes to make toys for us to play with.”  Jacky Sapphire comments.  “He is always finding some extra lid or string or some odd little trinket to make into a toy.  Of course we need new toys all of the time because we get bored easily.”

black cat outside feeling lonely
“I looked all over in the backyard, but I didn’t see Dad.”

“I got outside yesterday and searched the backyard for signs of where Dad is.  I didn’t see him.  I miss cuddling next to him on the couch.  He is my friend.”  Scamper walked to the couch and laid down wishing Dad was there to make her feel secure.




flame point Siamese feeling lonely
“I can smell Dad if I lay here by his pillows.”


“I hope Dad gets home soon.  I want to give him a hug.  You know it is a two-way street.  We want you to show us you care with holding us and petting us and just caring for us, but we know when you need us to love you and show you we care, too.  You need to realize we can sense when you need attention and affection.  That is why they call us companions.

A Cat Will Climb Trees

By Jacky Sapphire

When I was able to spend some time outside I discovered the greatest climbing post, actually there were several.  I found it by accident the first time.  I looked up and saw a tall brown object.  It had a rough surface and a green ceiling.  It looked interesting so I started to run and leaped up on the rough brown wall.  My claws easily clung to it and I had no trouble going upward.  A little way up there was a surface that I could go a different direction.  That got a little hairy so I went back the way I had come and when I got back to the center I went up more.  After exploring a few of the branches I finally worked how to get down a little closer to the ground and then jumping the rest of the way.  I found out later I had climbed a tree.

cat climbing tree
I wonder what I can see from up there?

Why do I climb trees?

I like the feeling of taking a run up to the tree and leaping as high as possible and racing upward as fast as possible.  Then I can explore the branches.  I like to look out to the distance and see what is going on in the neighbor’s yard.  (That can be interesting sometimes, but I don’t gossip about my neighbors.)  I have good balance and heights don’t bother me.  I have to admit that I have gotten up a little too high sometimes and it was tough to get down.  I took it very slow and had to go back and forth from branch to branch and search for what looked like an easy way down.  Dad will help me by talking confidently to me and making me feel I will be safe.  If I don’t see an easy way down I have gotten to the lowest branch and Dad can reach me to help me off to the ground.

It is natural for cats to climb.  I heard a story about our cat Toby.  He climbed a tree and jumped across to the roof of a house.  He was stranded for several hours.  He finally decided to jump and fortunately he didn’t get hurt, but it could have been tragic.  Joe Boo-Boo will run up the trunk of the tree, but he isn’t a climber — even if he wants a closer look at the bird up there!

Climbing in the House

Inside there is a tall bookcase.  I found a way to get up there by using the back of a chair.  I liked to sit up there and look around the room.  It was kind of a hiding place.  If no one looked up they didn’t know I was there.  I haven’t gotten up there for awhile.  They say that cats like being up higher than on the ground.  That may be true of some cats, but in our household I am probably to only one who climbs much.

Cat climbing in tree
Climbing a Tree is Inspirational

When I get up here in a tree I can imagine what other creatures and the birds feel when they are sitting up here and looking down at us.  Does it make them feel powerful?  I know that if I can climb a tree I would be safe from dogs or other animals that mean harm.  I also could get away from any human that meant me harm.  If I get to a certain level they aren’t going to come after me.

My advice to you if your cat friend climbs a tree is not to worry.  They probably know what they are doing and can figure out how to get down again.  We do like you to encourage us in getting down and giving us confidence that we can.  When that little doubt and fear sets in we know you are there to help us.

House of Cats

We are sharing a house together and we have become a family.  We have a dog who is staying with us and people we have trained to take care of us.  It is a great life.

flame point Siamese and friend
We’re not ready to get up yet. Jacky Sapphire & Rusty Diamond

There are five of us right now.  No one new has moved in with us for awhile.  This is a good bunch of friends.  Usually we get along.  Like most roommates there can be issues of territory sometimes.  We are lucky to have the finances to afford human help.  It makes it easier to get your food out of a can instead of chasing it down!  There are times when it is comforting to have a human to get close to.

black cat and grey tabby
“Sometimes I like to be close to Oscar”

Joe Boo-Boo spends a lot of time inside during the winter months.  When it gets a little warmer he is an outdoor cat.  He has a great condo and a large yard to take charge of.  He keeps the riff raft out.  He shows a gentle side with our little Oscar.  Oscar has had lots of health issues since he joined our household.  He seems as healthy as ever right now and we are happy about that.

trio of cats
Just pile on top – we’ll stay warm that way

That gray blob in the back is Millie.  She is about 16 years old and kept on going like the engergizer bunny.  Her main job was to be the “alarm clock” for our people helpers to get up and feed us in the morning.  If they lay in bed too long Millie would starts in with the “Meow” until it drove them (and us) crazy.  But it got the job done.  Don’t get me wrong, they make sure we eat at regular times.  Millie passed away a few weeks ago and we really, really miss her.

grey cat,
Our Friend Millie, she was 16 years old

You can see our cardboard condo.  Joe Boo-Boo thought they would be convenient for the winter.  They offer a closed in space with warm blankets for the colder temperatures.  As you can see at least three of us can get inside at a time.  We have another one if we need more space.  There are several cozy warm places to catch a nap.

black cat
“What ya looking at?”

Oscar came to us in very poor health.  He was injured, barely alive.  You can read his story on my website Jacky Sapphire the    He has his ups and downs, but is a part of the family now.  We love to cuddle with him.  He has a distinctive “Meow”.  He will let us know when he is hungry.

black cat, one eyed cat,
Suzy Scamper is the only female feline in the household and she rules the roost

Scamper began her life in the wild.  She had siblings when she was first seen AND she was a wild little thing.  It took a lot of patience to get her to accept human touch.  Now, she can be so very cuddly – with humans usually.  She does take good care of Oscar, though.  Yes, she only has one eye.


collie dog
At least the Cats know not to lay near me

This was a “Cats Only” household until a few years ago.  The dog, we call her “Snuffy” came to stay.  She let us know when she arrived that cats were absolutely NOT her favorite animal and she had been known to take out small creatures.  She realized that if she was to have a home at all she better change her ways so she found a way to accept all of us and decided she would not eat us!  The only time she gets riled up is if one of us is too close to her food bowl.  She does not like THAT!  She is a good dog, we like her.  Boo-Boo and I have taken a nap on her rug occasionally and she hasn’t minded.  She doesn’t get too close to us though.

cats with human
Papa is comfy to cuddle with

We live in colder country and Papa likes it when we cuddle with him to keep him warm.  We like it too.

It is hard to find good help, but we were lucky to get a couple who apparently love cats, and all animals. They expect us to hold up our bargain by using the litter box, keeping ourselves clean and not spilling our food.  In exchange the litter box has clean litter and gets washed on a regular basis, we get fed twice a day, if someone is ill they get to the Vet and then get medicine if they need it.  When we are interested we get held, petted, cuddled, or just get a warm body to snuggle next to.  I would have to say it is a perfect world for us and for them.

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Our Cat has Urinary Problems

Boo Boo has spots of blood in his urine

grey tabby cat with urinary problems
Praying for A Healthier Boo Boo

Three weeks ago Boo Boo used the inside litter box and squatted for a time and when finished only had a couple of drops of urine in the litter.  How many of you have had this situation?  This is not our first time with urinary problems or the slow voiding of a cat’s bladder.  We were able to get him into the Vet that day.  Boo has had a urinary blockage in the past and that was our immediate fear.  The Vet said his bladder was not full.  He gave him a shot of a strong antibiotic and sent him home with Loxicom (meloxicam).  We dosed Boo as indicated every other day with a very small dosage marked on the syringe.  So, there doesn’t seem to be any real changes and when you read the information included inside the box this is what it says:  For use in dogs only.  It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used to control pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis IN DOGS.  In bold print it also says:  Do not use Loxicam Oral Suspension in cats.  Acute renal failure and death have been associated with the use of meloxicam in cats.

When prescribing the medicine it was mentioned that this did indeed say for dogs, but was ok for cats if given for a short time.  The question I have is why a medication for inflammation of the joints was given for urinary problems???

Urinary problems seem to be a regular problem with so many cats.  We have just gotten Rusty apparently healed from his issue.  It took two visits to the Vet, two shots and three bottles of antibiotic to get him on the mend.

We are currently waiting for a call back from the Vet to see about going with an antibiotic.

Feeding Your Cats Special Urinary Health Food

Jacky Sapphire had urinary problems several years ago and we used urinary health dry cat food. He wouldn’t touch the canned.  He had a full bladder when we took him to the Vet.  They drained it and gave us medicating.  We changed his food for several years.  For some reason we switched back to other dry food and as always added a tablespoon of canned food twice a day.  He has been very healthy with the current food options we are giving him.

Treating Cats with Holistic Methods

There is some information about ways to treat your cat’s problems with household items.  One for bladder/urinary problems is to use a “dab” of apple cider vinegar in their food.  Cranberry juice or extract is another suggestion.  For a couple of months, after we were at the Vet with Rusty the second time we began to add diluted vinegar to their canned food.  The male cats that is.  So Sapphire, Boo, and Rusty have gotten the vinegar twice a day.  There is no proof that this has helped Rusty as he was on antibiotic as well.  But, it can’t hurt and it makes us feel better to do something.  The “dab” is actually 1/4 tsp of diluted apple cider vinegar.

Do you have any suggestions for things we can do to help our babies?  Do you use urinary health cat food and what kind?  Share your experiences with us in the comments section.