Benefits of Cat Hugs and Cuddles benefits of cat hugs and cuddles

by Jacky Sapphire benefits of cat hugs and cuddles


Oscar could be called “needy”. He enjoys it when someone cuddles close to him and holds him close. He will wake from a nap, make a run to the bathroom, get a drink of water and get a bead on Mom. Nothing, and I mean nothing will prevent him from making his way onto the couch or the chair, up onto her lap and up to her shoulder. That is his comfort zone for a given period of time. Then all of a sudden he will decide it is enough and “BAM” he is gone again. He really likes to cuddle with Scamper when they take their nap, too.

black cats hugging

Our black twins – well almost. When they are all wrapped up together you can’t really tell one from the other. There is a difference in the feel of their coat and of course when they are standing they are quite different in build. Scamper is not always friendly with cats or humans, but she has a special feeling for Oscar Bob. You will find her cuddled up with him where ever they are choosing to take a nap. I am sure she works on keeping him warm. He has been weak since the day he arrived in our home and Scamper has certainly helped to make him well.

cat hugs
You’ve met Joe Boo Boo. He more or less lives outdoors except when it is truly winter. He can get SO cranky if you try to delay him going back outside after he has quickly wolfed down his meal. But, when it gets too cold for him to be outside he grudgingly gives up the fresh air and stays indoors. He does enjoy cuddling and hugging one of us. The best hug for Boo is when Dad holds him. Joe Boo Boo knows that Dad needs the hug from him, too.

It is a proven fact that pets can help humans be healthier. They can help lower blood pressure, release tension and help relieve sadness. The love from us, your furry friend will make you happier. Of course it is a two way street. We need your love and attention to be happier and healthier, too.  I use Oscar as an example again. He was so very sick, nearly died when he came to be with us, but with lots of love and attention, lots of time being held in Mom’s arms and since he has learned to know and trust Dad, he has had a strong will to live and be healthier.

This image is a miracle! Rusty getting a hug from Dad. Amazing. Rusty was truly a wild, feral cat. Never around humans until he was captured for a spay/neuter clinic. When done it was too difficult to let him go so he was slowly incorporated into our household. It took years to get him to this point. Now, he comes to be held and cuddled by Dad. It is comforting for both of them. And a feeling of accomplishment for Dad to have managed to calm Rusty and build trust with him.

We in the cat world have a sixth sense for what others need. Our feline friends need to be held by us. We need the closeness of another breathing being. Feel the heartbeat of another. It is very comforting to have that touching closeness.  It isn’t any different from humans.

cat hugs

You need to know that this closeness we have in our home did not happen overnight. As each of us has come into the home there was a period of adjustment. It is the same for humans and relationships, too. You don’t go up to a stranger and give or take a hug, do you?? Well, it is the same for us. We need to learn that we can trust you, depend on you to be here for us, provide our meals, warmth when it is cold,
a doctor or medicine if we don’t feel well. We need to know you aren’t going away and we will be alone again. Give it time if you have a new cat or a new human in your home. We need to take a little time to know each other.

There are numerous benefits from cat hugs for all concerned. We look forward to your coming home from work, an errand, a trip, or whatever.  Having you near us physically makes us much happier and content. We can “feel” when you are needing comfort and love as well and we try to give you what you need. Let us help you when you feel like no one cares. Because, if you have a cat, a dog, or whatever kind of pet, one of our reasons for being here is to give you comfort.

Thank-you for taking care of us!