When Cats Play Hide and Seek



By Jacky Sapphire

It was such a nice morning, a cool  morning, 6:30 AM.  The wind wasn’t blowing and the grass was dry.  I wandered around the yard, checked my favorite places and cut through the hedge to our neighbor’s yard.  I really like checking their bushes and going to the far side of the yard where I can lay in the caragana hedge and watch the street.  Sometimes there is traffic.  I don’t like the sound of engines, but I like to watch them move along the street.  Sometimes I can see people across the street.  I wonder if they have cats like me.  It would be a great morning to play with other cats.


“Oh, there’s Joe Boo Boo.  He’s trying to hide in the tall grass.  Not doing so good, though!  Hey Boo, I see you!  You’re IT!”


“This tree and brush looks like a good hiding place.  The neighbors don’t seem to mind that I come over to visit.  I do clean up after myself, if you know what I mean.  I’ll sit here quietly and see if Boo Boo realizes where I am.”


“I don’t know what happened to Joe Boo Boo, but he hasn’t found me yet.  So, guess I will go to the front of the yard.  This tree should give me a good hiding place.  I don’t really think Boo’s sight is all that good anyway, he’s getting older so even if I am a larger white cat he won’t notice me against this dark tree trunk.  Besides, from here I can watch what’s going on across the street.  Sometimes I see a cat wander from the park over to a yard.”


“I’m still hiding from Joe Boo Boo.  He didn’t find me behind the tree so I moved to the tall grass.  I’m sure he won’t see me here!”


“I have been looking everywhere for that white cat!  I don’t know how he does it!  He isn’t all that small!  I’m tired of this game..

“I think I’ll go take a nap.”  And Joe Boo Boo found his favorite place to go to sleep.

Sapphire realized that Boo Boo must have given up looking for him.  Then he heard Mom calling.  “Sapphire.  Sapphire.  Come on.  It’s time to come in.”  She was using her coaxing voice.  It didn’t work!  I wasn’t ready to come in.  Then she started walking to check my favorite places to hang out.  She walked all the way around the block.  She even crossed the street to the park to see if I had gone there.  (I did go there a couple of times, but she scolded me about going across the street so I don’t do that anymore.)  She went back in the house and then after a little time she went looking for me again.  This time she walked around a little further.  But she didn’t find me.  I could hear the concern in her voice. “Sapphire?  Where are you?  Come in now.” I know she loves me a lot, and would be heart broken if anything happened to me.  But, I am safe and I know where I am.  This morning I was just playing hide and seek with Joe Boo Boo.  We stayed close to home.

Then she got crafty!  She knows how to get to me!  She shook the treat can. Our treats are Purina Dentalife, available from .Chewy.com. When I heard those treats rattling in the can I galloped to the back door.  I didn’t want to miss out on treats!  She picked me up and scolded me lightly for not coming when she called, then she gave me a few treats.  When I finished them she picked me up again and hugged me and told me how much she loved me and was a little scared when I didn’t come as I usually do.

I’ll try to do better next time, Mom.  I am glad you let me be outside for a time each day.  And I Love You, Too!

A Cat Will Climb Trees

By Jacky Sapphire

When I was able to spend some time outside I discovered the greatest climbing post, actually there were several.  I found it by accident the first time.  I looked up and saw a tall brown object.  It had a rough surface and a green ceiling.  It looked interesting so I started to run and leaped up on the rough brown wall.  My claws easily clung to it and I had no trouble going upward.  A little way up there was a surface that I could go a different direction.  That got a little hairy so I went back the way I had come and when I got back to the center I went up more.  After exploring a few of the branches I finally worked how to get down a little closer to the ground and then jumping the rest of the way.  I found out later I had climbed a tree.

cat climbing tree
I wonder what I can see from up there?

Why do I climb trees?

I like the feeling of taking a run up to the tree and leaping as high as possible and racing upward as fast as possible.  Then I can explore the branches.  I like to look out to the distance and see what is going on in the neighbor’s yard.  (That can be interesting sometimes, but I don’t gossip about my neighbors.)  I have good balance and heights don’t bother me.  I have to admit that I have gotten up a little too high sometimes and it was tough to get down.  I took it very slow and had to go back and forth from branch to branch and search for what looked like an easy way down.  Dad will help me by talking confidently to me and making me feel I will be safe.  If I don’t see an easy way down I have gotten to the lowest branch and Dad can reach me to help me off to the ground.

It is natural for cats to climb.  I heard a story about our cat Toby.  He climbed a tree and jumped across to the roof of a house.  He was stranded for several hours.  He finally decided to jump and fortunately he didn’t get hurt, but it could have been tragic.  Joe Boo-Boo will run up the trunk of the tree, but he isn’t a climber — even if he wants a closer look at the bird up there!

Climbing in the House

Inside there is a tall bookcase.  I found a way to get up there by using the back of a chair.  I liked to sit up there and look around the room.  It was kind of a hiding place.  If no one looked up they didn’t know I was there.  I haven’t gotten up there for awhile.  They say that cats like being up higher than on the ground.  That may be true of some cats, but in our household I am probably to only one who climbs much.

Cat climbing in tree
Climbing a Tree is Inspirational

When I get up here in a tree I can imagine what other creatures and the birds feel when they are sitting up here and looking down at us.  Does it make them feel powerful?  I know that if I can climb a tree I would be safe from dogs or other animals that mean harm.  I also could get away from any human that meant me harm.  If I get to a certain level they aren’t going to come after me.

My advice to you if your cat friend climbs a tree is not to worry.  They probably know what they are doing and can figure out how to get down again.  We do like you to encourage us in getting down and giving us confidence that we can.  When that little doubt and fear sets in we know you are there to help us.