Healthy Cat Food or “What’s for dinner?”

Table scraps? The cheapest bagged cat food you can find? Only canned food? Only dry food? The top of the line most expensive food available?  Special food for indoor cats? Special food for senior cats? On and on it goes. There are so many options available it is hard to make a choice about what to feed your cat family.  The only thing for sure is we need healthy cat food.

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In our household we have had a fairly inexpensive dry cat food and then a spoonful of canned food twice a day. We recently made a change.  When researching our post about Urinary Problems we discovered one of the causes is the filler in dry cat food, it is grain based. We decided on a different path, grain free cat food. Even our kitten, Bug, was changed to a better dry cat food. Can you notice a difference? We all think there is evidence that this food is better. I especially see a new silkiness to Bug’s coat that wasn’t there before. Scamper seems to have more energy. Rusty would throw up occasionally and since the new food that isn’t happening as often. Me, well, I am satisfied when I finish my food. We clean our bowls. We each get a spoon of canned food too, that is for urinary health.

How Can I afford Special Cat Food?

This food is definitely more expensive than what we had, but it will balance out in the long run. First, we were probably being overfed with the inexpensive food. Mom would give us a good healthy serving and what we didn’t eat at meal time we nibbled on until the next meal. Now, when she read the serving size on the bag she has stuck to that. There is nothing left to nibble on, but we haven’t noticed that. No one is losing weight with this new meal plan. So, a bag goes further. The largest savings with better cat food is fewer emergency calls to the Vet. Those vet bills can take a big chunk of money but if we eat healthier we will avoid

How to Properly Change

Your Cat’s Food

“What do you mean, properly?” Well, our tummy can be sensitive to change and we are “finicky” right? If you dish us a new food all of a sudden we just won’t eat. Probably eventually we will, but not at first, and then you get all concerned and upset. So try it this way, introduce the new food a little at a time with our old food. Eventually the proportions will go the other way, more of the new food and less of the old.  That worked well for us.

And don’t forget our spoonful of canned food with each serving!

How many times a day should I Eat?

catseatinghealthycatfoodcatvoices.comIn our home we eat twice a day. This means our humans are on a regular routine because we certainly are! We get up around 5 AM and expect shortly after to have food in our bowls. Then our evening meal is a little less structured. It is around 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon.  Scamper is the most vocal about it. She starts “meowing” just when it is time to eat. The rest of us are glad to have her speak for us.

What Do They Put In Cat Food?

The Best Ingredients

That Should Be In Our Cat Food

Have you read the ingredients on a bag of cat food or just looked at the price? Don’t feel guilty. Finances are a factor in taking care of us.  We know you do the best you can. And, for some cats just having some dry food is a blessing. For those of you that leave food out for feral cats, a huge “Thank-You”! Back to what is really in the food you buy.
We made the decision to change to a no grain dry cat food. We came to that conclusion after researching our post about urinary tract problems.  The research indicates the cheaper cat foods with grain and fillers can be part of the cause for urinary tract problems. We have had several of our male cats, me included, who have had to go to the Vet for this problem. We also like the idea of “No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives”. * The first ingredient listed on the bag is the primary ingredient in the food. Our choice in food has turkey listed first.

Common Ingredients in Less Expensive Dry Cat Food or

What Shouldn’t Be In Our Food

We recommend grain free cat food

Don’t feed us grains – in any form, foods with gravy or sauce because of what they use to thicken these. Stay away from foods that list soy as one of the ingredients. We shouldn’t be having that. You can read an in depth article at Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM. She recommends a diet of canned food only to increase the water intake for us.

The first ingredients are corn, soybean meal, wheat middlings and then chicken, tuna meal (what is that??) So, there is a real difference in the ingredients used in dry cat food. Real meat is far down the list of ingredients.  Joe Boo Boo is the hunter in our family, like our ancestors. He likes the hunt, but I’m not sure he goes for the fresh meat. Of course, we are well fed in our home so the need to catch our food is not a priority. We are hunters, though and are meat eaters. So, our food should have meat, not so much grain. I can live with that and so can my cat family.

Cat food comes in so many varieties that you should be able to find something that your family will eat. There are many brands, flavors that will appeal to us and to you, our human caretakers. You do realize that they market this food to appeal to you, the buyer, rather than for us, the consumers. I suggest you pay attention to the different catagories offered, kitten, young active cats, indoor cats, outdoor cats, mature cats, pregnant cats, lactating cats, cats with special nutritional needs.

Buy Healthy Cat Food Online

We have found a good selection of cat food at Amazon and We invite you to visit either website and explore all of the products available.  Good nutrition for your cats is so important. We will have fewer health issues and have enough energy to have a good and rewarding life if you are diligent about what you feed us. Thanks for taking good care of us!

If you would like more in depth information there is an interesting article here ( about your cat’s nutritional needs.



Why Does My Cat Roll in the Dirt?

cat rolling in dirt.
“It feels good to roll in the dirt.”
black cat outside
The Smell of the Outdoors

I’m an indoor cat, but one day the back door was open just a little and I decided I wanted to explore. So, I stepped out onto the cement step. There was grass and dirt! I smelled the ground. It reminded me of my youth. I started out in the wild. All I knew was outdoor smells. But for a long time I haven’t had to experience that. . . the cold, wet, predators, or loneliness. I’ve had warmth, safety and love.



5 Reasons a Cat Will Roll in the Dirt

1. I rolled in the dirt and when I finished I smelled different. Finally there weren’t those indoor smells I was so familiar with. There was a fresh, earthy smell. It brought back so many memories of my siblings and my Mom.

black cat in the yard
Rolling in the dirt makes me feel good.

2. A roll in the dirt is a great way to get rid of fleas if you have them or any other parasites lurking in your coat.


3. I’m not into it anymore, but before I was spayed I would have been rolling in the dirt for any male that walked by. When I was in heat I was a wild one. I was a loose kitty. But, isn’t that what nature is all about?                                                                          

cats outside
Boo Boo can roll in the dirt whenever he wants to.


4. One more reason cats enjoy rolling in the dirt is to get a great back massage. The uneven ground, small rocks, clumps of dirt, grass all feel wonderful on the back. It gets the blood flowing again.


black cat in the dirt
This looks like a good place to roll in the dirt



  1. The dirt puts bacteria onto our coat so we have a chance to get it back into our system. When we are grooming we use up that bacteria. The loss of that bacteria can give us nervous habits, too. When it isn’t in our system we can have digestive problems.


How can indoor cats get the benefits of rolling in the dirt?

I understand that being an indoor cat is a safety issue. There are so many dangers out there for us. We like the safety, too. It is nice to have a good, warm, loving home with no concerns for where our next meal is coming from. One idea I like for getting the benefits of rolling in the dirt would be to have an outdoor screened in area maybe attached to the house so we could just go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, the smells and get a good roll on the ground. This outdoor cat sanctuary is on my wish list. I see it is available at Amazon. My friends and I could really enjoy this space for three seasons out of the year.


If I have diarrhea, like I do sometimes, or I’m passing gas (you’ve picked up on that), or like Rusty he is vomiting soon after he eats, or like Jacky Sapphire he seems constipated or is nearly hooked on hairball medicine you need to consider a solution.  You need to be adding a supplement to our diet to help us have a healthy digestive system. There are supplements that have probiotics and enzymes that will help us with these problems.  The probiotic will give us good bacteria in our intestines to make it all work better. I see that you can buy a good probiotic MADE IN THE USA if you shop here.


black cat
Thanks for letting me outside

Hey, Mom,

I enjoyed my time outside, actually I was out a couple of times. I like my inside space and feel very safe and secure, but it was a great adventure.