Interesting Facts About Our Family Of Cats

We cats are not just a lazy four legged creature that expects the human race to take care of us.

Do you realize how special we are to you and the world around you?

Well, here are a few interesting facts that may surprise you.


We should take over the world! Are you with me fellow felines?

Did you realize there are 500 million of our species.

If we banded together we could run the country and even the world.

We have experience. We run the household around here.

That can’t be much different from running the country!

You might think one cat looks the same as another. We do have similarities,

but we can be identified just as you are identified by your fingerprints.

“You don’t have fingerprints.” you may say. You are right we don’t,

but our noses are each distinctive and serve as an identifying print.

“You opened a can of tuna fish. I can smell it .

Give me a treat. Please. Pretty please.

I’ve been good. I won’t get up on the counter. I promise.”

The feline sense of smell is 14 times better than a human.


Our hearing is supersonic. We can hear you opening the cupboard door

where the treats are from 3 rooms away with the television on.

Did you know we know when you are on your way home. We can hear the car engine start up.

Our ears will rotate 180 degrees besides. Don’t try to get away with anything!

We have 32 muscles and use 12 regularly. I can rotate them 180 degrees.  Can you?

Bug is fascinated with the water running into the bathtub.

He jumps up on the side and leans in as far as he dares. Oscar used to do this too.

So far no one has fallen in. Good thing, too.

When there is no water in the tub he jumps in and has a sniff around.

There is evidence that cats can catch fish so their fear of water does not prevent them from having a meal.

This is a clowder ~ a group of cats


A male cat is called a tom.

Scamper is a molly. Or a queen. Ya, she really acts like a queen most of the time.

(But, she really is a special lady in our house.)

I am told that some believe our whiskers are a cat’s sixth sense.

they allow us to move around even in complete darkness. They can almost replace ears and eyes.

I recently had an adventure outdoors under a dark building and I can testify to the truth of this statement!

We are supposed to have 12 whiskers on each side.  Can you count mine?

If you trim a cats whiskers it will change behavior. Their whiskers determine how they perceive the world.

We are an interesting species.  There are so many more interesting facts about us.

What do you know that we did not include in this list?


Benefits of Cat Hugs and Cuddles

by Jacky Sapphire benefits of cat hugs and cuddles


Oscar could be called “needy”. He enjoys it when someone cuddles close to him and holds him close. He will wake from a nap, make a run to the bathroom, get a drink of water and get a bead on Mom. Nothing, and I mean nothing will prevent him from making his way onto the couch or the chair, up onto her lap and up to her shoulder. That is his comfort zone for a given period of time. Then all of a sudden he will decide it is enough and “BAM” he is gone again. He really likes to cuddle with Scamper when they take their nap, too.

black cats hugging

Our black twins – well almost. When they are all wrapped up together you can’t really tell one from the other. There is a difference in the feel of their coat and of course when they are standing they are quite different in build. Scamper is not always friendly with cats or humans, but she has a special feeling for Oscar Bob. You will find her cuddled up with him where ever they are choosing to take a nap. I am sure she works on keeping him warm. He has been weak since the day he arrived in our home and Scamper has certainly helped to make him well.

cat hugs
You’ve met Joe Boo Boo. He more or less lives outdoors except when it is truly winter. He can get SO cranky if you try to delay him going back outside after he has quickly wolfed down his meal. But, when it gets too cold for him to be outside he grudgingly gives up the fresh air and stays indoors. He does enjoy cuddling and hugging one of us. The best hug for Boo is when Dad holds him. Joe Boo Boo knows that Dad needs the hug from him, too.

It is a proven fact that pets can help humans be healthier. They can help lower blood pressure, release tension and help relieve sadness. The love from us, your furry friend will make you happier. Of course it is a two way street. We need your love and attention to be happier and healthier, too.  I use Oscar as an example again. He was so very sick, nearly died when he came to be with us, but with lots of love and attention, lots of time being held in Mom’s arms and since he has learned to know and trust Dad, he has had a strong will to live and be healthier.

This image is a miracle! Rusty getting a hug from Dad. Amazing. Rusty was truly a wild, feral cat. Never around humans until he was captured for a spay/neuter clinic. When done it was too difficult to let him go so he was slowly incorporated into our household. It took years to get him to this point. Now, he comes to be held and cuddled by Dad. It is comforting for both of them. And a feeling of accomplishment for Dad to have managed to calm Rusty and build trust with him.

We in the cat world have a sixth sense for what others need. Our feline friends need to be held by us. We need the closeness of another breathing being. Feel the heartbeat of another. It is very comforting to have that touching closeness.  It isn’t any different from humans.

cat hugs

You need to know that this closeness we have in our home did not happen overnight. As each of us has come into the home there was a period of adjustment. It is the same for humans and relationships, too. You don’t go up to a stranger and give or take a hug, do you?? Well, it is the same for us. We need to learn that we can trust you, depend on you to be here for us, provide our meals, warmth when it is cold,
a doctor or medicine if we don’t feel well. We need to know you aren’t going away and we will be alone again. Give it time if you have a new cat or a new human in your home. We need to take a little time to know each other.

There are numerous benefits from cat hugs for all concerned. We look forward to your coming home from work, an errand, a trip, or whatever.  Having you near us physically makes us much happier and content. We can “feel” when you are needing comfort and love as well and we try to give you what you need. Let us help you when you feel like no one cares. Because, if you have a cat, a dog, or whatever kind of pet, one of our reasons for being here is to give you comfort.

Thank-you for taking care of us!

Cats Can Get Lonely Too!

white flame point Siamese cat feeling lonely
I’m just waiting for Dad to come home.

I sure am lonely!  I miss Dad!  He said he would be back in a few days, but it seems like it’s been more than a few days. took me there one day.  I’ve looked around the neighborhood every time I am outside. I just want to lay here and sleep.

cat sleeping feeling lonely
“Dad’s not here so all I want to do is sleep!”

“I haven’t had an up hug for days.  I just want to sleep.”  added Rusty.  “I get so lonesome when Dad isn’t here.”




cats sleeping feeling lonely
Sapphire and Rusty feeling lonely for Dad

“It sure is lonely around here when Dad is gone.  Mom is always the one to feed us.  She hugs us, too.  But, there is just something special about how Dad treats us.  You know, they say that cats don’t have the close ties with men like they do with women.  I’m not sure I believe that.  I know that in our home we are really close to our Dad.  I also know of some other cats who have close ties to the man in their lives.  This research may not be complete.”

Joe Boo Boo is heard to complain.  “I like to come inside at night to sleep, but I am used to getting up and OUT at 4 AM!  Mom sleeps like a rock.  I can’t wake her up to put me out.  Dad is a soft touch, he always wakes up when I make little noises so he gets up and lets me out.  I need to get outside early to keep an eye on things around the place.”

“Dad likes to make toys for us to play with.”  Jacky Sapphire comments.  “He is always finding some extra lid or string or some odd little trinket to make into a toy.  Of course we need new toys all of the time because we get bored easily.”

black cat outside feeling lonely
“I looked all over in the backyard, but I didn’t see Dad.”

“I got outside yesterday and searched the backyard for signs of where Dad is.  I didn’t see him.  I miss cuddling next to him on the couch.  He is my friend.”  Scamper walked to the couch and laid down wishing Dad was there to make her feel secure.




flame point Siamese feeling lonely
“I can smell Dad if I lay here by his pillows.”


“I hope Dad gets home soon.  I want to give him a hug.  You know it is a two-way street.  We want you to show us you care with holding us and petting us and just caring for us, but we know when you need us to love you and show you we care, too.  You need to realize we can sense when you need attention and affection.  That is why they call us companions.

House of Cats

We are sharing a house together and we have become a family.  We have a dog who is staying with us and people we have trained to take care of us.  It is a great life.

flame point Siamese and friend
We’re not ready to get up yet. Jacky Sapphire & Rusty Diamond

There are five of us right now.  No one new has moved in with us for awhile.  This is a good bunch of friends.  Usually we get along.  Like most roommates there can be issues of territory sometimes.  We are lucky to have the finances to afford human help.  It makes it easier to get your food out of a can instead of chasing it down!  There are times when it is comforting to have a human to get close to.

black cat and grey tabby
“Sometimes I like to be close to Oscar”

Joe Boo-Boo spends a lot of time inside during the winter months.  When it gets a little warmer he is an outdoor cat.  He has a great condo and a large yard to take charge of.  He keeps the riff raft out.  He shows a gentle side with our little Oscar.  Oscar has had lots of health issues since he joined our household.  He seems as healthy as ever right now and we are happy about that.

trio of cats
Just pile on top – we’ll stay warm that way

That gray blob in the back is Millie.  She is about 16 years old and kept on going like the engergizer bunny.  Her main job was to be the “alarm clock” for our people helpers to get up and feed us in the morning.  If they lay in bed too long Millie would starts in with the “Meow” until it drove them (and us) crazy.  But it got the job done.  Don’t get me wrong, they make sure we eat at regular times.  Millie passed away a few weeks ago and we really, really miss her.

grey cat,
Our Friend Millie, she was 16 years old

You can see our cardboard condo.  Joe Boo-Boo thought they would be convenient for the winter.  They offer a closed in space with warm blankets for the colder temperatures.  As you can see at least three of us can get inside at a time.  We have another one if we need more space.  There are several cozy warm places to catch a nap.

black cat
“What ya looking at?”

Oscar came to us in very poor health.  He was injured, barely alive.  You can read his story on my website Jacky Sapphire the    He has his ups and downs, but is a part of the family now.  We love to cuddle with him.  He has a distinctive “Meow”.  He will let us know when he is hungry.

black cat, one eyed cat,
Suzy Scamper is the only female feline in the household and she rules the roost

Scamper began her life in the wild.  She had siblings when she was first seen AND she was a wild little thing.  It took a lot of patience to get her to accept human touch.  Now, she can be so very cuddly – with humans usually.  She does take good care of Oscar, though.  Yes, she only has one eye.


collie dog
At least the Cats know not to lay near me

This was a “Cats Only” household until a few years ago.  The dog, we call her “Snuffy” came to stay.  She let us know when she arrived that cats were absolutely NOT her favorite animal and she had been known to take out small creatures.  She realized that if she was to have a home at all she better change her ways so she found a way to accept all of us and decided she would not eat us!  The only time she gets riled up is if one of us is too close to her food bowl.  She does not like THAT!  She is a good dog, we like her.  Boo-Boo and I have taken a nap on her rug occasionally and she hasn’t minded.  She doesn’t get too close to us though.

cats with human
Papa is comfy to cuddle with

We live in colder country and Papa likes it when we cuddle with him to keep him warm.  We like it too.

It is hard to find good help, but we were lucky to get a couple who apparently love cats, and all animals. They expect us to hold up our bargain by using the litter box, keeping ourselves clean and not spilling our food.  In exchange the litter box has clean litter and gets washed on a regular basis, we get fed twice a day, if someone is ill they get to the Vet and then get medicine if they need it.  When we are interested we get held, petted, cuddled, or just get a warm body to snuggle next to.  I would have to say it is a perfect world for us and for them.

We hope you will come back and read our stories.  We invite you to sign up for a newsletter update.