Interesting Facts About Our Family Of Cats

We cats are not just a lazy four legged creature that expects the human race to take care of us.

Do you realize how special we are to you and the world around you?

Well, here are a few interesting facts that may surprise you.


We should take over the world! Are you with me fellow felines?

Did you realize there are 500 million of our species.

If we banded together we could run the country and even the world.

We have experience. We run the household around here.

That can’t be much different from running the country!

You might think one cat looks the same as another. We do have similarities,

but we can be identified just as you are identified by your fingerprints.

“You don’t have fingerprints.” you may say. You are right we don’t,

but our noses are each distinctive and serve as an identifying print.

“You opened a can of tuna fish. I can smell it .

Give me a treat. Please. Pretty please.

I’ve been good. I won’t get up on the counter. I promise.”

The feline sense of smell is 14 times better than a human.


Our hearing is supersonic. We can hear you opening the cupboard door

where the treats are from 3 rooms away with the television on.

Did you know we know when you are on your way home. We can hear the car engine start up.

Our ears will rotate 180 degrees besides. Don’t try to get away with anything!

We have 32 muscles and use 12 regularly. I can rotate them 180 degrees.  Can you?

Bug is fascinated with the water running into the bathtub.

He jumps up on the side and leans in as far as he dares. Oscar used to do this too.

So far no one has fallen in. Good thing, too.

When there is no water in the tub he jumps in and has a sniff around.

There is evidence that cats can catch fish so their fear of water does not prevent them from having a meal.

This is a clowder ~ a group of cats


A male cat is called a tom.

Scamper is a molly. Or a queen. Ya, she really acts like a queen most of the time.

(But, she really is a special lady in our house.)

I am told that some believe our whiskers are a cat’s sixth sense.

they allow us to move around even in complete darkness. They can almost replace ears and eyes.

I recently had an adventure outdoors under a dark building and I can testify to the truth of this statement!

We are supposed to have 12 whiskers on each side.  Can you count mine?

If you trim a cats whiskers it will change behavior. Their whiskers determine how they perceive the world.

We are an interesting species.  There are so many more interesting facts about us.

What do you know that we did not include in this list?