Diagnosis: Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC)

“I want to tell you that I feel better now than I have for a while.  I’ve been through some rough times. A few weeks ago I really had problems going to the bathroom. One morning I just sat in the litter box and tried to go, but couldn’t get rid of much and still felt like I needed to go again. This just kept on. I kept cleaning myself, too.


“Fortunately Mom noticed me sitting for long periods in the litter box and checked when I got out to see if I had actually peed. I went to the bathtub. It was cool to sit in there. I was able to leave a few drops and they had a little blood in it.
Mom knew right away that I needed to go to the doctor. So, away we went to the Vet.  They drained my bladder and gave me some antibiotic. My bladder and urethra were inflammed.  I went home and the next couple of days were not much fun. It still was painful to go to the bathroom.  There was plenty of red in the urine I left behind. Eventually the medicine kicked in and I could go without as much pain.”

About a week after I had been to the Vet she called to tell us what was going on with me.  She said I had cystitis. I have had this in the past and so I am more likely to have problems. I needed to have only canned food with some water mixed in. I can take medicine, too. Well, we started to make the switch to only canned food. Then I was back to having problems going to the bathroom again. It was a holiday weekend and no Vet available in the area. So, Mom did everything she could think of to help me keep from having a blockage. It was tough for a few days, but finally things were better.

You probably wonder what she did. Well, I still had a good appetite so I got a lot of water with my canned food. The canned food I have been getting for at least a year is Purina Pro Plan for urinary health. She gave me a few drops of water with apple cider vinegar mixed in, too.  That is a holistic treatment for urinary problems. She also gave me some cranberry extract.  You can read about our path to finding the best food for our cat family in this post.  You can read more about urinary problems in cats here.

After a few days I was feeling so much better. About a week later I have more energy and interest in my world than I have had for awhile. We made the necessary changes to help me avoid having another episode. I get “soup” for my meal. No more dry food for me. And, I’m surprised that I like my meals! Mom tries to be better about fresh, cold water in all of the water bowls. We get RO water. She puts clean litter in the boxes everyday. She also washes them often.


Feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC)

This is one of many Feline urinary lower tract diseases. Designated as FLUTD.

This problem occurs more frequently in male cats who have been neutered. If they have had a problem at a young age it will probably occur again. Food affects the problem. The dry food with so much filler is not good for us. The dry food with more meat products, chicken, etc. is a better option. But, with my problem I need canned food, because there is more moisture in it already. It is important that we drink water, cold, clean and fresh water.  Stress can bring on this problem as well. And sometimes there is no definite reason for this problem.  There can be a problem with the lining of the bladder or even the way your cat reacts to stress.

This problem can be common in a multi cat household and if there is any conflict between any of the cats. We haven’t added any new members to the family and we all seem to get along pretty well. Our human family feeling stress can bring us stress as well. So, even that could trigger an attack. The truth of it seems to be they really aren’t sure what causes this problem.


One good piece of information we came across is that it should get better as I get older. I guess things won’t bother me so much, I will be calmer.

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