Kitten In Our Home According to Sapphire

5 Tips on bringing a new kitten into your home

  1. Have a designated space away from other animals and too many people when first bringing the kitten home.  This may be a separate room or a pet carrier or pen.
  2. Introduce the kitten to each of the other pets slowly and carefully.
  3. Try to keep the other animals from experiencing too many changes in their lives with the addition of the new kitten.  Keep their sleeping arrangements the same.  Also their feeding arrangements.  Give them the same attention as they had before.  I will admit that my nose was a little out of joint at first.  I guess it was jealousy and so I avoided Mom for awhile.  But, she came after me and praised me and gave me extra hugs and soon I knew that I was still loved the same.
  4. When the new kitten tries to take over the spaces of the other cats or their food bowl, gently move the kitten to its own space or bowl.  Protect the rights of the resident cats and make a new space for the kitten.
  5. Humans, be sure you can care for another animal.  Remember especially with a kitten they don’t take much food at first or space.  They don’t contribute much in the way of cat hair, dander or waste.  But they will grow up and require more food, Vet services, and space for everything.  Be sure you have the resources to care for a new cat!


baby kitten

This tiny kitten has come to our home to live.  It has been here a few weeks now and we have all (except for Boo) welcomed this little bundle of joy!  No, really, I am serious.  I was reluctant at first.  We did not need another mouth to feed, another space for another cat!  Sure, right now it does not take up much space, but it will grow up and then where does everyone sleep on the bed?  More cat hair, more litter box users, another cat to get attention from Mom and Dad!

I was told that “Bug” was found away from its Mom a couple of times.  We don’t know if it was choosing to go or was kicked out, but a friendly person picked it up, and knowing what a softy Mom is, brought it supposedly for the day to be cared for.  At the end of the day Bug stayed!  Forever!  It was so tiny.  You can see in the picture it fit in Mom’s hand.  It needed to be fed with a dropper for awhile.  One or another of us sniffed it a few times, but really didn’t want anything to do with it.  I stayed clear!

black cat with kitten
Oscar let Bug sleep close to him

Oscar was the first to let Bug come close to him for warmth and a sense of security.  I think Oscar understands how alone Bug was feeling away from it’s Mom and siblings especially at such a  young age.

kitten laying on a black cat
Bug using Oscar as a pillow

Oscar let Bug lay on top of him.  He had so much patience for the little one.  Bug used Oscar as a replacement for his Mom.

black cat hugging kitten
Oscar hugging Bug

Oscar has a very kind nature.   Sometimes if we couldn’t find Bug we had to look under Oscar.  He would nearly cover the little kitten to keep him warm.  His instincts remind me of the stories I have heard about Charlie who was a good caregiver to several batches of kittens.

two black cats and kitten
Oscar and Scamper share Bug

It didn’t happen overnight.  Once Oscar showed that this little fur ball was not a threat Scamper decided to help take care of it, too.  Now, you may remember that Scamper is not very friendly with ANY other cats, but seems to understand the needs of this small kitten and has found her maternal instinct.

kitten and friends
all the cats love the kitten

Rusty is an old hand at raising a kitten.  You may have read his story of how he was trapped and rescued along with a young kitten we called Oreo.  It appeared that Rusty had been caring for this young kitten for quite some time.  When Oreo passed away Rusty was lost and reverted further into his feral ways.  Now, he has found another kitten that needs his attention and skills he can pass on like defending itself and playing games.

Bug exploring Sapphires tower
Bug exploring Sapphires tower

Kittens are very curious and have no sense of danger.  Bug is no different.  This is MY tower.  Everyone else knows that but Bug has to check it out and I’ve found her on top of the tower in my place.  Maybe this is one of the reasons I have been so reluctant to accept this little one.

Siamese and friends
Sapphire includes Bug

OK, so I caved!  It is hard to resist that cute little face and cuddly warm body.  And she needed a bath.  I couldn’t stand it so I helped.  When Bug first arrived she was put in a room alone when there was no adult at home.  It was important to keep her safe from us.  After all she was very small at first and even without intending harm we could have hurt her.  Mom kept her very close and slowly each of us realized it was going to be OK to be around the new kitten.  Even the dog, Snuffy, who lives with us has been very careful and kind to the kitten.