Our Cat has Urinary Problems

Boo Boo has spots of blood in his urine

grey tabby cat with urinary problems
Praying for A Healthier Boo Boo

Three weeks ago Boo Boo used the inside litter box and squatted for a time and when finished only had a couple of drops of urine in the litter.  How many of you have had this situation?  This is not our first time with urinary problems or the slow voiding of a cat’s bladder.  We were able to get him into the Vet that day.  Boo has had a urinary blockage in the past and that was our immediate fear.  The Vet said his bladder was not full.  He gave him a shot of a strong antibiotic and sent him home with Loxicom (meloxicam).  We dosed Boo as indicated every other day with a very small dosage marked on the syringe.  So, there doesn’t seem to be any real changes and when you read the information included inside the box this is what it says:  For use in dogs only.  It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used to control pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis IN DOGS.  In bold print it also says:  Do not use Loxicam Oral Suspension in cats.  Acute renal failure and death have been associated with the use of meloxicam in cats.

When prescribing the medicine it was mentioned that this did indeed say for dogs, but was ok for cats if given for a short time.  The question I have is why a medication for inflammation of the joints was given for urinary problems???

Urinary problems seem to be a regular problem with so many cats.  We have just gotten Rusty apparently healed from his issue.  It took two visits to the Vet, two shots and three bottles of antibiotic to get him on the mend.

We are currently waiting for a call back from the Vet to see about going with an antibiotic.

Feeding Your Cats Special Urinary Health Food

Jacky Sapphire had urinary problems several years ago and we used urinary health dry cat food. He wouldn’t touch the canned.  He had a full bladder when we took him to the Vet.  They drained it and gave us medicating.  We changed his food for several years.  For some reason we switched back to other dry food and as always added a tablespoon of canned food twice a day.  He has been very healthy with the current food options we are giving him.

Treating Cats with Holistic Methods

There is some information about ways to treat your cat’s problems with household items.  One for bladder/urinary problems is to use a “dab” of apple cider vinegar in their food.  Cranberry juice or extract is another suggestion.  For a couple of months, after we were at the Vet with Rusty the second time we began to add diluted vinegar to their canned food.  The male cats that is.  So Sapphire, Boo, and Rusty have gotten the vinegar twice a day.  There is no proof that this has helped Rusty as he was on antibiotic as well.  But, it can’t hurt and it makes us feel better to do something.  The “dab” is actually 1/4 tsp of diluted apple cider vinegar.

Do you have any suggestions for things we can do to help our babies?  Do you use urinary health cat food and what kind?  Share your experiences with us in the comments section.